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Raw, plant-based desserts and chocolate handmade in London

Raw Bonbon bespoke cakes, desserts and delicacies are available to order directly.


Bespoke cakes come in 3 sizes and a variety of flavours:

Cakes sizes – 7”, 8” and 9”

Flavours – Matcha & Chocolate, Berry & Chocolate, Matcha & Berry and Berry & Mango

7” – £65
8” – £80
9” – £95


Matcha Slice (matcha & vanilla), Merry Berry Slice (raspberry & blueberry), Golden Slice (turmeric & maca)
£4.50 per slice / minimum order 8 per falvour

Bonbons and Truffles

Probiotic “Cream” of matcha & vanilla, mango & turmeric, raspberry
box of 6 – £16
box of 12 – £30
individually packed £3.00 per bonbon

Salted caramel bonbons with 78% dark raw chocolate
box of 12 is £16.

Matcha & vanilla or berry truffle bonbons
individually packed £2.50 per bonbon

Raw Bonbon cakes and truffles need to be kept refrigerated.

Ceremonial Matcha

Raw Bonbon Ceremonial Matcha Prices
20g – £15
100g – £39
250g – £68
500g – £88

Raw Bonbon Ceremonial Matcha
Full-bodied, floral aromas.
Radiant with incandescent green hues, this matcha is expertly crafted to deliver a distinctively flavourful brew, starting with delicate, sweet undertones followed by savoury notes reminiscent of salted caramel, and finishing with floral nuances of tannins. Renowned for its exquisite aroma, typical of premium shade-grown green teas, it ensures an exceptional experience whether enjoyed on its own or blended into various health elixirs.

We offer B2B prices as well.

Please contact us to place your order and get your postage price.

“Chocolate – bitter, sweet, alive”

Raw Bonbon Matcha & Chocolate Club


A monthly subscription of raw bonbon goodness containing our signature slices (matcha, merry berry and golden slice), our specialty raw chocolate and a selection  of chocolate  bonbons and probiotic “creamy” truffles.

“Raw Bonbon Truffles – every single one beautifully delicious!”

— Ewelina Stolarz